Maha Lakshmi Ashtakam (HD)

1.Namastestu Mahaamaaye Shreepeete Surapoojite Shankha Chakra Gadaa Haste Mahaalakshmi Namostu Te.
O Mahaamaaya, abode of fortune, worshipped by the Gods, I salute Thee. O Mahaalakshmi, one who has conch, disc and mace in Her hands, obeisance to Thee.

2.Namaste Garudaroode Koalaasura Bhayankari Sarva Paapa Hare Devi, Mahaalakshmi Namostu Te.
My salutations to Thee, who rides Garuda and are a terror to demon Kola; O Devi Mahaalakshmi, remover of all miseries, my obeisance to Thee.

3.Sarvajne Sarva Varade Sarva Dushta Bhayankari Sarva Duhkha Hare Devi Mahaalakshmi Namostu Te.
O Devi Mahaalaksmi, who is the embodiment of knowledge, giver of all boons, a terror to all the wicked, remover of all sorrows, obeisance to Thee.

4.Siddhi Buddhi Prade Devi Bhukti Mukti Pradaayini Mantra Moorthe Sadaa Devi Mahaa Lakshmi Namostu Te.
O Devi, You give success and intelligence and worldly enjoyment and liberation (as well). Thou hast always the mystic symbols (Mantra) as Thy form, O Mahaalakshmi, obeisance to Thee.

5.Aadyantarahite Devi Aadya Shakte Maheshvari Yogaje Yogasambhoote Mahaalakshmi Namostu Te.
O Devi, Maheshwari, You are without a beginning or an end , You are the Primeval energy, You are the greatest ruler, You are born of Yoga. O Mahaalakshmi, obeisance to Thee.

6.Sthoola Sookshmah Mahaa Raudre Mahaa Sakthe Mahodaye Mahaa Paapa Harey Devi Mahaalakshmi Namostu Te.
O Mahaalakshmi, You are both gross and subtle, most terrible (for the wicked), You are the embodiment of great power and prosperity and You are remover of all sins, obeisance to Thee.

7.Padmaasanasthite Devi Parabrahma Svaroopini Paramesi Jaganmaata, Mahalakshmi Namostu Te.
O Devi, You are seated on the lotus, You are the Supreme Brahman, You are the great Lord and Mother of the universe, O Mahaalakshmi, obeisance to Thee.

8. Svetaambaradhare Devi Naanaalankaara Bhooshite Jagatsthite Jaganmaatah, Mahaalakshmi Namostu Te
O Devi, You are dressed in white garments and decked with various kinds of ornaments, Thou art the mother of the universe and its support, O Mahaalakshmi, obeisance to Thee.

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Lakshmi Puja on Diwali

The third day of Diwali festival is the most important one for Lakshmi-puja and is entirely devoted to the propitiation of Goddess Lakshmi. On this very day sun enters his second course and passes Libra which is represented by the balance or scale. Hence, this design of Libra is believed to have suggested the balancing of account books and their closing. Despite the fact that this day falls on an amavasya day it is regarded as the most auspicious.

The day of Lakshmi-Puja falls on the dark night of Amavasya. The strains of joyous sounds of bells and drums float from the temples as man is invoking Goddess Laxmi in a wondrous holy "pouring-in" of his heart. All of a sudden that impenetrable darkness is pierced by innumerable rays of light for just a moment and the next moment a blaze of light descends down to earth from heaven as golden-footed Deep-Lakshmi alights on earth in all her celestial glory amidst chantings of Vedic hymns.

A sublime light of knowledge dawns upon humanity and this self enlightenment is expressed through the twinkling lamps that illuminate the palaces of thewealthy as well as the lowly abodes of the poor. It is believed that on this day Lakshmi walks through the green fields and loiters through the bye-lanes and showers her blessings on man for plenty and prosperity.

Lakshmi Pooja, or the worship of the goddess of wealth, is the main event on Diwali in North and West India. It is extremely important to keep the house spotlessly clean and pure on Diwali. Goddess Lakshmi likes cleanliness, and she will visit the cleanest house first. This is also the reason why the broom is worshiped on this day with offerings of haldi and kumkum (turmeric and vermilion). Lamps are lit in the evening to welcome the goddess. They are believed to light up Her path.

Lakshmi Puja consists of a combined puja of five deities: Ganesha is worshiped at the beginning of every auspicious act as Vighnaharta; Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped in her three forms - Mahalakshmi (the goddess of wealth and money), Mahasaraswati (the goddess of books and learning), and Mahakali; Kuber (the treasurer of the gods) is also worshiped.

Invoking Lakshmi: the goddess of wealth in song and ceremony Por Constantina Eleni Rhodes